From Peter Margaritis, CSP, CPA, the author of Improv Is No Joke and Taking the Numb Out of Numbers, comes an entertaining and instructive new book on effective workplace communication that will elevate your leadership effectiveness.

Off Script

Mastering the Art of Business Improv

Off Script is a practical, “learn it today, use it tomorrow” book for leaders at all levels, with particular impact for senior leaders and for those who frequently take the stage in front of audiences or take the helm during high-stakes business meetings.

Learn how to use business improv to:

  • Push conversations forward and explore new possibilities
  • Tackle delicate situations and improve negotiations
  • Create a culture of collaboration and psychological safety
  • Deliver impactful presentations
  • Create space for innovation, process improvement, and growth
  • Reduce stress, increase joy, improve productivity, and increase profits

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“This book is a must-read!” — Jamie T. Richardson, Vice President, White Castle Management Co.

“Yes, and ...” — A Powerful Mindset for Experienced and Aspiring Leaders

When we learn to respond to others with “Yes, and ...” — acknowledging what we’ve heard and building upon it — we arrive more quickly at agreement and at breakthrough solutions for challenging problems.

“Yes, and ...” is one of several improv techniques you’ll learn from Peter Margaritis’s Off Script — a book that will help you build bridges, generate good ideas, adapt to any situation, nurture teams, and keep your anxiety at bay.

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., improvised the most iconic moments of his “I Have a Dream” speech (originally titled “Normalcy: Never Again”) when he realized his audience needed and deserved something different from what he had prepared. He went “off script” and the rest is history.

You, too, can embrace the courage, confidence, compassion, and clarity to talk about what really matters — in the moment when it matters most — by mastering the art of business improvisation. Let Peter Margaritis show you how!

Delve into Off Script, and discover new ways to master what matters most:

Connect Better with
Your Stakeholders

Connection is the beginning of collaboration, opportunity, and success. Learn to listen more effectively, to use generosity and vulnerability in service of others, and to let go of the ego that’s holding you back.

Communicate with Confidence
and Clarity

Free from negativity and fully embracing your new ability to listen, learn, and build upon the ideas of others, go “off script” to leave your inner critic behind and to deliver exactly what your audience needs from you.

More Effectively

In mastering the use of “Yes, and ...” in place of “No, because ...” and “Yes, but ...” you will be well on your way to becoming the kind of positive, present, people-centric leader who gets things done and inspires teams to achieve even more.

Listen to Peter discussing the business value of the improv techniques you’ll learn his new book Off Script on the Future-Proof podcast, with Bill Sheridan. Hosted by the Business Learning Institute.

Going OFF SCRIPT Can Change Everything!

For Your Culture, Your Company, and Your Career


Good leaders always want to be better leaders. And they attempt to do so by picking up new skills, frameworks, tools, and mindsets to help them control the narrative, ensure ideal outcomes, script the conversations, manage the problems, predict the future, and win (negotiations, new business, market share, and more). But what if good leaders could become better leaders by doing the opposite — by letting go of the control, by going “off script” in their conversations and negotiations, by being present instead of rushing to the future, and by collaborating in authentic, empathetic ways? They can!

Going OFF SCRIPT doesn’t come naturally to most organizational leaders. We want to:

  • Deliver a flawless and predictable speech or presentation.
  • Get through all the PowerPoint slides, leaving not even one unexplored and never feeling like we’re missing some data we should have had at the ready.
  • Begin and end our meetings on time.
  • Anticipate how the audience will react, and what questions they will ask.
  • Never be caught off guard.
  • Squash objections with “No. Next question?” and we want to do things the way we’ve always done them.

We want to be flawless and in control. And we like agendas, plans, notes, and scripts to help us do that. It’s a good start, and (not but!) going “off script” can take that preparation and practice further.

If your company, nonprofit, association, university, or other organization is like most, the old way of communicating and managing isn’t working for you — not entirely. The status quo is coming up short.

It’s time to master the art of business improvisation (“improv”)!

Join renowned speaker, bestselling business author, The Accidental Accountant, leadership expert, and improv virtuoso Peter Margaritis for an exploration of how you and your organization can go “off script” to master the art of business improvisation. Peter is a master at working with individuals and their organizations to implement business improvisation for inspired innovation. In his latest book on effective workplace communication, Peter invites managers, directors, founders, vice presidents, and chief executives to redefine leadership and teamwork. And he teaches you the techniques he’s taught employees at world-class brands like White Castle, Cardinal Health, Oklahoma State University, Penske, Marriott, and Northrop Grumman.

Business improv is about letting go of your own agenda to listen intently — to be empathetic and open-minded in the present moment — so you can truly connect with colleagues and other stakeholders to generate optimal results.

About The Author: Peter Margaritis, CSP, CPA

Gallery Peter Margaritis, CSP, CPA is a master at working with individuals and their organizations to implement business improvisation for inspired innovation. As The Accidental Accountant®️, improv virtuoso, and professional facilitator, Peter knows first-hand how to create sunny – and funny – outcomes that promote positive cultures and transform mindsets.

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What They're Saying about Peter's New Book!

Off Script is a book infused with the personality and fun of improv, and it jumps at you and takes hold of your attention with the same energy Peter delivers during his live events. Practical, funny, and always had me thinking: ‘I could do this! Why am I not doing this?’ Peter’s improv experiences offer us ways to enhance our day-to-day interactions ... from the Zoom meeting to the boardroom.”

Don Craig
Chief Financial Officer, Haley & Aldrich, Inc.

“This book is not just a game-changer — it is a life changer. Practical, fun, deeply profound, and powerful, it takes us Off Script and guides us in learning, opening our minds and hearts, and mastering the power and art of improv in business and in life.”

Roxanne Kaufman
President & CEO, ProLaureate Ltd; Certified Leadership Master, Speaker, and Author

"Two simple words — ‘Yes, and ...’ — can change a culture and spur ideas and conversation throughout an organization. One word stops everything … NO! I love what Peter teaches us, using two simple words and how he invites us to work on exercises that help us better understand the impact of leading like an improviser. If you want to be an effective leader, start with YES AND!”

Adam Kratzert, CMA, CPA
Vice President of Finance, Parker Hannifin Corporation